06 May

Jobs for Felons - These Companies Hire Felons

There is a lot of instructional material at this site that can help ex-offenders and felons start a successful job search.  It outlines what is needed to make a job search with a criminal record easier .  There are some videos on this site that provide good information for job searches.

There are some felon friendly employers listed on this site and a link to many more.  This site is full of information.

How Felons Can Get Jobs

If you visit this site, you can ask questions relating to getting a job with a criminal background.  There are a lot of questions answered there and there are some really good answers from an author and teacher who has been in the field for a long time.

Jobs for Felons - Companies that Hire Felons

This site has a very long list of companies that do not have hiring policies that exclude ex-offenders and felons.  Some of the listings have links directly leading to the employment pages of the company.

You can search for open jobs and you can even sign up to have new job listing sent directly to your email.

There are links to other helpful resources that can help felons get jobs

You can find a list of Companies that Hire Felons

Here you can learn the Facts about Companies that Hire Felons

Jobs for Felons: Five Places Felons Can Find Jobs - Get a Job Quickly!

Jobs for Felons: Government Help For Felons Looking for Jobs

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